Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yesterday I and my girfriend finally brougt home the cat we have had reserved for over a month now. It's a beautiful Somali girl (Somali is an Abyssinian with longer fur). Just look at the silly smile on my face!

She do not have a proper name yet, feel free to make suggestions.

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This article over at the Kallista Press blog got an excellent explanation of something that I have touched on myself.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Gamers have wondered for nearly 20 years why there is no Warhammer 40.000 roleplaying game. In 2007 the wait will finally be over.

The reactions over at RPGnet is unsurprisingly very positive.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knutpunkt 2006 in Stockholm

Knutpunkt 2006 is open for registration!
The convention is limited to 179 participants and we will enforce a strict first come-first serve policy, so hurry and register at:

Who is coming to Knutpunkt?
Look at the registration rooster at:

When is Knutpunkt?
Friday 29 april - Monday 1 may on Barnens ö outside Stockholm. It costs 500 SEK and you get entry to all the seminars, the locale, a proper bed, the big party and Sweden (priceless).

What is Knutpunkt?
Knutpunkt (Eng. Junction/Nodal point) is a yearly Nordic convention on the craft and theory of role-playing. The goal of Knutpunkt is to provide a meeting place for people interested in enhancing and analysing role-playing. This we do by seminars, discussions and experimental larping. Knutpunkt in 2006 is the tenth annual conference. It continues to be a big influence on as well as a big source of inspiration for Nordic larp.

When can I meet the organisers?
Thursday 9th of mars 19:00 we will be at the bar “Wirströms” on Stora Nygatan 13 in the old town, Stockholm. Come, talk to us and hang out with a lot of nice larpers!

Where can I register?

Where can I find out more?

What if I want to organise something?
Send a description of your arrangement to: