Saturday, July 30, 2005

Illuminati - Old school gaming

I just finished a game of Illuminati, the first time I play it in about five years. For quite a time now I have wondered how it stands up agains the newer German boardgames, but until now I have never gotten around to examine this. As I remembered it from the old days this is a really good game. Is that still true, or have time made it obsolete? Is it currently only worth playing wearing funny hats?

From left: Kristoffer, Me, Sven, Linnéa

Sure, Illuminati has aged but it is still fun. I give you it is not a game where everyone can win until the end, as is the norm today. You can get crushed early and never recover, and everyone can gang up on you to make sure this happens. Even so it got very much character and style. Not only is the theme wonderful but the general mechanics are actually well designed.

Illuminati is still a good game but not quite as great as I remembered it. I have to downgrade it from an eight to a seven on BoardGameGeek. Hmm... I wonder if the fact that I lost has something to do with it?


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