Wednesday, May 04, 2005


We played the first part of the Werewolf the Forsaken demo chronicle tonight. It was very simple storywise but with all the intricacies of the setting, there were more than enough to do. These intricacies was actually the largest problems with our game. The players had to spend much time figuring out how things worked and what it meant to be a werewolf. As I own the book I could at least explain things in as much detail as they wanted. A gamemaster trying to run it with only the info in the pdf could potentially run into problems.

This is not much of a problem if you play the game "for real" and take the time to get to know the characters and their world. I like the setting and once you get to know it you realise it has really been designed with playability in mind. No part of it exists without a reason, White Wolf do know how to design an rpg.

We will probably continue with part two of the chronicle, and even if we don't it was fun and gave me valuable insights for my upcoming review in Fenix.


Anonymous Jonas Karlsson said...

I've written some thoughts on the first session on my page. I also have a new comment function, designed by Helena, that you're very allowed to use.

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