Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some random thoughts

No, I'm not gone, but I haven't had much inspiration to post anything. Things have been somewhat slow on the gaming side.

My group for Mellanrummet is shaping up nicely, but we still has some work to before we are ready for the larp. Next week I'm going to buy some new clothes and dye my hair as part of the preparations.

I have finished my original three reviews for the next issue of Fenix, but I will get two more books to review, Hunting ground: Rockies for Werewolf and Ghouls for Vampire. For some reason the swedish distributor have been a bit slow on sending them, so I will have a very short time for the reviews.

Todays (somewhat) random link:
How to Run Vampire: The Requiem by developer Matthew McFarland (Also known as BlackHat Mat).


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