Thursday, April 28, 2005

Från Atlantis till Blekinge

It's time to talk about another important rpg book not available in English, Från Atlantis till Blekinge (From Atlantis to Blekinge) by ASF. ASF is by now quite famous for it's free form scenarios played at Swedish conventions, mainly BSK. In many ways they have defined this quite specific genre of roleplaying (sometimes called Finnish free form) with character driven stories, well defined and predetermined scenes, and of course no rules at all.

Från Atlantis to Blekinge contains four of their scenarios and a quite meaty introduction on how to play free form. I have played in two of these stories, both led by Sven, and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. I'm quite sure Sven will write about our game yesterday in detail so I direct you to his blog for the details.

I recommend this book to everyone with interest in roleplaying, and especially those who have never played, or do not like, traditional "rules and dice" roleplaying. The chances for it ever being translated to English is almost non-existant, so you foreigners can only dream about this gem.


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