Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dan Brown = Bad Researcher

I've recently read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, or to be honest I listened to it on my mp3-player. While it was decent as pure fiction I'm now certain that you should never take anyting in Brown's books as a fact. The earlier parts of the book is so packed with ridiculus pseudo-science that I got a bit nauseous and almost gave up on it. My bet is that most of the so called "facts" in The Da Vinci Code is as badly reseached, and I can understand why many christians are upset.

Why are you telling us this at all? Is there really something about gaming in this rant?

Ok, I admit that it's not much but Angels and Demons actually mentions Steve Jackson's Illuminati: New World Order. The only problem is that it is described as a very popular computer game played over the Internet. How hard could it have been to get that one right?


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Computer game*

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