Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The World of Dragons

I lied to you when I wrote I didn't roleplay until an age of thirteen. When I first read through Drakar och Demoner it all seemed very natural to me. I had been doing this before. My true first contact with roleplaying was many years earlier. I do not remember exactly when but I belvie it was around first or second grade. Me, my brother and a friend of us developed this imaginary world called "Drakarnas Värld" (The World of Dragons), a fantasy planet inspired by television shows like Masters of the Universe. The only character I remember is my borthers creation The Catman. We had extensive roleplaying sessions where we mainly played one of our own characters. Situations that would normally require a game master was resolved by consensus (and the occasional heated argument). The in character sessions were complemented by drawings and shorter texts. Drakarnas Värld gradually evolved into an over the top cyberpunk setting complete with multinational companies and space invasions. Many of the old villains became protagonists in an era of new and greater evils. In time, The World of Dragons was abandoned and forgotten.

Starting around fourth grade choose-your-own-adventure books had become popular. After both reading a particularly good one me and my best friend continued the adventure from the book by ourselves. I was the gamemaster and he played the main protagonist from the book. It was compleately free form and I made most of it up on the go. We played during the breaks at school and it didn't take long before other kids joined us. The only thing lacking was dice, rules and a formal definition of the game world.

So, when I opended up my first roleplaying book I wasn't suprised at all. This was just the next step. In one form or another I have been roleplaying most of my life. The most interesting part is that my style is currently developing more towards the type of roleplaying I used to do before my first rpg book. I do want a prepared scenario but I usually skip the rules and dice. Some of my current friends are experimenting with collaborative storytelling and getting rid of the game master, just as in The World of Dragons. Development have come full circle.


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