Monday, March 28, 2005

We survived GothCon

GothCon is over and we are all still alive. We got to play all our planned games, and overall it was a huge success. In our group of five, this was the first roleplaying convention for three, and they sometimes had problems staying awake and active in this hectic and sleep deprived environment. This wasn't much of a problem and from the comments afterwards they all liked their first convention.

After arriving at 12 on friday our first scenario started at 16.00. It was Five and the castle mystery and turned out to be a fairly standard scenario. Our group, comprised mainly of young girls, arrived at a weird castle in the middle of the forest. At first happy to find help for the mortaly wounded knight in our company, weird incidents indicate that something very wrong is going on. The characters was good but the subtle conflicts between them didn't have enough time to evolve. The plot wasn't that enagaing, maybe because of the shortcomings of our gamemaster. The session was ok but won't be remembered as something special.

When the game had ended and we the convention dinner (quite tasty) was eaten it was around 22. No normal gamer want's to sleep at this time, so I and Sven was shocked when everyone else wanted to go to bed. I took the chance to buy Memoir '44 (the only game for from my "top games" that I do not own) and play it with Sven. I won but it was a close game and he liked it.

Our next game was Get beautiful or rap in Swedish. We was lucky to get a game master that really liked this game and knew it very well. The story was about a new reality show called "Rapmaster". The most improbable person it the country had been selected to be made into the next rap star. My girlfriend, Linnéa, played the choosen star, a big, middle aged, Finland-Swedish man with no talent at all. I played the host of the show, a somewhat sucessful immigrant rapper from the ghetto, that in reality was born in a Swedish middle class home. The others in our group played various persons in the support staff. It was hillarious and noone regreted accepting to play it.

As our next game wouldn't start until 22, now was the time to play Orpheus. Around six months had passed in game since the last session and lots of time was spent to decide what the characters had been up to during this time. After that I introduced an important event in the chronicle. I may get back to my Orpheus chronicle in more detail in a later post.

After dinner we had two hours before Snow white emptiness. Linnéa and Anna wanted to sleep again (!) so I, Sven and Kristoffer decided to play a board game. At first we (or rather I) wanted to try Doom: The Boardgame, but a quick glance at the rules revealed that we wouldn't have enough time. We (or rather I) decided on Colossal Arena instead. It turned out to be a great game and we managed to finish just in time (I won). I wanted to buy this game but decided to wait (more on that in a later post).

Our last game Snow white emptiness was a slow and moody horror scenario. Five men on a repetition exercise in the military service in the cold Swedish north, or rather four 45 year old special forces soliders and a 22 year old woman as their officer. This combination could lead to enough problems even without being transported back to the 15:th century with the resulting madness. The game started out very slow and even if it was essential to the story it made our less experienced players very tired. Linnéa fell asleep. The scenario made good use of sound effects and ambient background, but the equipment could have been better. After the mandatory "veryone gets mad and/or dies" we all vent to sleep. It was a good session but it could easily have been even better. I also want to add that our game master had the large cranium of a pig on the gaming table during the play, apparatly their groups long time mascot.

Sunday was mainly getting up, having breakfast and going home, but we managed to play a game of Kablamo. It was fun but I would prefer playing it a few more times before buying.

Enough about GothCon!


Anonymous Martin Ackerfors said...

Heh, yeah, I believe that my shortcomings as a game master may have made the adventure (Five and the castle mystery) a little less... Enjoying as it should have been. I'm really sorry for that and hope you guys don't hate me to much because of it. I was really nervous (my second first game mastering at a convention).


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