Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sucessful TI3 session

We played a five player session of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition today. It was my fourth game and the best one yet. We have managed to get the playing time down but we still spent seven hours excluding pizza break. Out of the box TI3 is somewhat unbalanced but it is a very house rule friendly game. I'm still trying to find the perfect balance, and there are heated discussion on the official forum. TI3 is a great game of colonisation, politics and combat.

This time we used the following main rule changes:
- The Ancient throne (official variant)
- Redeuced the size of the map to closer resemble the conditions of a six player game.
- Increased cost of fighters to one resource each.
- Dreadnoughts cause 2 hits on a natural roll of 8+.
- The Barony of Letnev gets improved special abilities. Trade good cost is halved, fleet support is +2 and can't be lost to the action card "Cultural Crisis".

In addition we used the following smaller changes, that has nothing to do with balance:
- You win if you get eight victory points (as opposed to ten).
- Five stage one and three stage two public objectives was used. No "I win" objectives was inculded.
- Game lasts eight rounds maximum.
- Each player got two sectret objectives, but could only claim one of them. One of the objectives was dealt from the "I control Mecatol Rex" type and the other from the rest.
- Each player was handed two randomly drawn races, and got to choose one of them.


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