Tuesday, March 22, 2005


On the 25-27:th of Mars me and my roleplaying group are going to visit GothCon, one of Sweden's largest gaming conventions, located in Gothenburg. We are registered for three roleplaying sessions, but unfortunately we are on reserve list for two of them. There were lots of arguing before settling for the following games:

Five and the castle mystery - A fantasy adventure in the the tradition of a youth book. Created by one of Sweden's most prominent scenario writers and presented as "the closest you get to a summer holiday mystery in a medival setting". Should be interesting, and we are on first reserve which shouldn't be a problem.

Get beautiful or rap in Swedish - Comedy based on Swedish achetypes and prejudices. This was the most controversial choice, as me and Sven really wanted to play it but the others didn't care for it at all. I really hope everyone will enjoy it...

Snow white emptiness - You can't visit a convention without playing at least one horror scenario. This is free form and angst, the ideal combination. Five men in an mandatory repetition exercise in the military service. Something is wrong, really wrong. As we are third reserve on this one, there is a risk we won't get to play it. Would be a shame.

In additon to these we are going to play a session of our long campaign in Orpheus... which reminds me I still haven't prepared it. I want this to be a god one. I get back to you with a full report after the convention!


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