Sunday, March 13, 2005

The games I played

I've played most types of hobby games. For a large part of my life gaming has been very important.

It started when I was around thirteen. My two year younger brother got a copy of Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons), the most popular game at the time, for his birthday. As me and my brother had lots of friends in common, it was natural for my to mantle the role of game master. A hectic period of roleplaying followed. In the most active periods we played each day after school and the whole weekends. It was great. We expanden our play to other game systems. The first english game was Star Wars by West End Games.

Then we discovered Magic: The Gathering. It was an instant hit. The collecting and trading of our youth combined with a great game. For a year or two this game took much time from roleplaying. Other card games got played to, but nothing compared to the original.

The next step was table top games and Games Workshop. If we spent lots of money on Magic this was nothing compared to Warhammer. By this time I was maybe 16 or 17 and had more money to spend. During high school this was the games that got most play but it was never the frequency of the early years with Drakar och Demoner and the like. I also did some live action roleplaying (larp), mainly Vampire and fantasy games.

When I moved for college gaming became more rare. There was some tabletop roleplaying with new people and one year I played GW games pretty frequent but I started to belive active gaming was a thing of the past.

Durning the last three years things have changed. It started with the "german" wave of boardgames. Getting people to play these games was easy as it requires little commitment. Nothing strange there. Playing an organised rpg campaign had seemed like impossible, everyone had to much "life" to tend to. But for some reason this changed to. There was roleplying going on everywhere around me.

I have also gotten back into live action roleplaying (or lajv as it's called in Sweden). This time it's not standard fantasy but more experimental plays in a historic or conteporary setting. The rules light nature of these arrengements have also pushed me towards a more free form way of playing table top rpgs.

My thought on rpgs, larps and board games, that's what you'll find in this blog. If you've read this far I guess you're at least mildly interested in the subject...


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